Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions apply to all transactions between SignLite Pty Ltd (Signlite) and the Client. The Client acknowledges and accepts these terms and condtions prevail over any other, whether verbal or implied, unless so prevented by legislation.

2. Quotations:

SignLite will provide to the Client a written quotation for work required, with such quotation valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the quotation date. After the thirty (30) day period, SignLite reserves the right to amend the quotation in line with material, equipment or labour costs. SignLite may amend a quotation at anytime, including within the initial thirty (30) day period, should the scope of works or materials alter from that orignally specified.

3. Orders:

a) The Client should place a written order with full details and specifications. Where the Client does not provide full details and specifications SignLite may elect to provide artwork and specifications in conjunction with the Client and at the Clients cost. In this event, SignLite will provide the Client with one or more artwork layout sheet/s detailing the work or manufacture to be carried out. The Client must check all details contained on the artwork layout sheet/s including, but not limited to, spelling dimensions and materials. The Client must “sign off” the artwork layout sheet/s prior to carrying out of the work and/or manufacture. The Client acknowledges that additional charges may be incurred for the changes made after the “sign off”. SignLite will not be responsible or held liable for any mistakes or omsissions that could be attributed to the lack of written details.

b) Where a Client has a deadline date, the date must be shown on the written order. SignLite will acknowledge in writting to the Client if the deadline date can be realised. Work or manufacture cannot commence until the Client has provided necessary files/details and “sign off” the artwork layout sheet/s. All files must comply with signLites specifications. SignLite will not be held liable for any mistakes or omissions that could be attributed to the lack of written details.

c) The person placing the order on behalf of the Client whether in writting or verbally shall be deemed “authorised” to do so unless expressly advised in writing to the contrary prior to placement.

4. Deliveries:

SignLite will follow the Clients delivery instructions to the best of its ability.
SignLite will not be liable for loss, damaged or delays where SignLite is not the carrier and has engaged a recognised carrier whose nominated method of cartage should, under normal circumstances, effect delivery at an agreed time or date.

5. Advertising and Marketing:

Unless expressly forbidden in writing prior to or, at the time of order placement Signlite, may at its own expense, reproduce photographs and drawings and any other materials pertaining to manufacture and the finished product for use in Signlite’s advertising and marketing.

6. Guarantees and Warranties:

SignLite uses only new and first class materials in manufacture. Guarantees and Warranties offered by SignLite do not include electrical components and fittings or other materials “bought in” and where SignLite has had no control over manufacture. In such cases SignLite may refer the Client to the manufacturer for reliance on the manufacturers guarantee/s or warrantie/s.

7. Claims:

Claims relating to production materials, quality or installation must be lodged within seven (7) days of receipt/installation.
SignLite will not be liable for claims made after this time. SignLite’ liability excludes any nonsequential loss and SignLite’s obligation is limited to replacement of the goods, (including installation where this formed part of the order). SignLite will not be responsible for events or cost beyond its control.

8. Ownership of Goods:

The ownership of the goods will not pass to the Client until full payment is made and honoured.
SignLite may at anytime and without notice, retake possession of goods until payment in full has been received.

9. Loss and Damage of Artwork, Negatives:

Whilst using its best endeavors, SignLite will not be responsible for the loss or damage to clients supplied artwork, transparencies, or files etc.

10. Electrical Connection:

Primary wiring from the meter box to the sign connection point is not included in SignLite quotations. It is the Clients responsibility and cost to engage a licenced electrician for primary wiring.

11. Copyright Trademark:

The client warrants to SignLite (and indemnifies SignLite against all actions in relation to a breach of the warranty) that the Client owns, or has obtained permission to use copyright or trademark items from the copyright and/or trademark holder.

12. Uncollected Goods:

If SignLite has completed the work required and the goods are not collected or installed for whatever reason within 3 months of the clients being notified, then SignLite may dispose of the goods at its absolute discretion.

13. Credit:

SignLite may at its absolute discretion open (and stop or close) a credit account with the Client. Where SignLite deems it prudent and without assigning any reason therefore SignLite may require part payment/deposit before commencing or continuing work on any order, or delivery/installation of goods. Should the Client fail to pay their account within (30) days of invoice date SignLite may charge interest at normal bank rates until payment is received. In the event SignLite resorts to legal action for payment the client will be liable for all expenses incurred including, but not limited to, legal costs.

14. Non Credit accounts:

Unless credit facilities have been granted to the Client in writing, all transactions require immediate payment on or before pick up/delivery/installation/handover.
A deposit is required upon placement of each order; such deposit amount will be determind by SignLite relevant to the circumstances of each order.

15. Failure to Perform:

SignLite will not be liable for any loss which is due to any circumstances beyond its control including inbability to obtain materials, labour, transport, subcontractors, machine failure, burglary, vandalism or theft.

16. Not withstanding anything above SignLite will not be liable for any consequential loss.

17. Legal Actions:

Legal disputes will be under the laws, and in the durisdiction of New South Wales.

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